Sandra Bowen, a visual and graphic artist, currently living and working in her studio in Tsawwassen BC.

Sandra’s colourful art, mostly inspired from nature takes on unique textures with use of plaster, papers, acrylic paints, inks and a variety of paint mediums. All used stylistically by overlapping and creating layers to build levels of depth and transition in which you sink into visually. Through her exploration in workshops, classes, and experimentation she has grown into working less with conventional brushes and more with palette knives, scrappers, sponges and unconventional tools.  

Flocker's Roost pottery


Introducing Sandra’s Flockers!

Sandra’s unique style of nature inspired clay creations use materials based on colour, texture, strength and other criteria. She uses a variety of techniques to produce one of a kind patterned winged critters and botanical garden ornaments.

Many of you have been curious as to what has been keeping your artist friend busy during this strange covid time… well she’s been working with clay!  Sandra has been creating unique, individually named, nature inspired winged critters that she calls ‘Flockers’, as well as an assortment garden plant markers and ornaments.

She is proudly participating in her first sale and debuting her collection of Flockers at the “Christmas Artisan Sale – A Collection of Local Potters and Woodworkers” being held this up coming Saturday December 11th, from 10am to 3pm.  The sale will be held at 794 Glenwood Place, Tsawwassen.  Hope to see you there!

Sandra Bowen Why Renovate

artist sandra bowen at work

Upcoming Classes & Events

Open up your artistic side and discover the wonders of mixed media.

Join me to explore techniques such as photo transfers, gels and mediums and layering; using different types of print material, fabrics, papers, found objects and textures. Learn to blend textures with plasters to build your own unique style of painting.