Treasures with Grain


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” -Albert Einstein

At some point and in some life time I was a tree I am sure of it… or maybe a lumberjack! Who knows but my love of wood is deeply rooted.

Re-valuing old furniture and reclaimed wood is a passion and an adventure in finding the treasures within the grain and bringing them back to life with new expression. Some are newer finds but most are old and in need of love and attention as well modern twists of colour and accents.


dresser set collage

Dresser Set 
This amazing matching set was a little rough when I found them but had awesome bones. Dove tailed drawers and solid and who could resist the swivel mirror. They made me smile working on them from beginning to end.Well, hard to resist they were they were snatched up before I could get them up for sale! I figured I would share them anyway.

Scarf Holders
It is evident I have a problem with scarves. I tell people they aren’t all mine, some are my youngest daughters… but the truth is I love scarves. And it is a crime to have them stored away in a closet (and you forget what you have!) Both of these are an experiment and a process that needs refining. But I will get there. One is done with left over discarded pieces of hard word flooring and the other with reclaimed wood I had waiting to be loved once again. I pick up hooks, bobbly things, and leather and then marry them together to make something that is not only functional but looks good.

Though missing the lid portion that originally made this a desk, this old gem with some tender love and care has a new purpose, for me it works as a pretty place to do make up and hair and at the same time it makes a spare room feel warm and inviting.

Jewelry Holder
This piece is not old but it did need a lot of love. It was in the clearance section of a well known household store and was broken and in bad shape.