1929 Cigars 5¢

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Sandra Bowen 1929 Cigars 5¢

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1929 Cigars 5¢
Acrylic Mixed Media on Wood Panel

H36” W24”

This piece is 3 of 11 on display for the
Picks and Pixels Art Exhibition 
at the Britannia Mine Museum,
1 Forbes Way, Britannia Beach (on the Sea to Sky Highway north of Vancouver)
from March 1st to April 28th

Available for Sale $750
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

“This series has been an exploration into abstract painting with the printed word showing through as readable. I love typography in my work but often leave it so that it is softened under many layers of paint and not as obvious as I have with this series. I have found gems in these old 1929 newspapers that I want left for all to see, find and remember.”