The Shack

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Sandra Bowen The Shack

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The Shack
Acrylic Mixed Media on Wood Panel

H36” W12” Triptych

This piece is 10 of 11 on display for the
Picks and Pixels Art Exhibition 
at the Britannia Mine Museum,
1 Forbes Way, Britannia Beach (on the Sea to Sky Highway north of Vancouver)
from March 1st to April 28th

Available for Sale $450 
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

“I used to think of my very vivid memories from about 2 and half on wards as a difficult thing. Not any more… it takes me to so many places artistically. This triptych, The Shack started with the middle piece… with the small mining entrance… and morphed in what will continue to be a series I work on for a while. On an exploratory hike for iron pirate (my first rock passion as a child, quartz was a close second) in the woods in the Eastern Townships when I was about 7 or 8, we came across a mining entrance at the base of a gulley. My younger brother and I were not allowed to get to close but the older two brothers went and nosed around a lot closer – I was soooo jealous! I still went home with pockets full of treasures and a life long appreciation and perhaps a slight obsession with rusty things.”