Assorted pottery, recycling, making new clay


“I am a potter. This means I live in a perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations.”

There has, until September 2015, been an awkwardness between me, three dimensional art and building things from clay. For some reason I just didn’t get the connection and never felt like I could make it work or look right. I had also falsely convinced myself that I just wouldn’t like the clay on my skin… or under my nails. Well I was wrong. Really, really wrong. I love it.

I believe the opportunity to explore this medium has come at a time in my life where I have the patience to accept the amount of time the process requires as well as what my project may or may not give back to me. There is a lot to learn about clay. The colours, consistency, types. How it dries, when it dries, how to consider the shrinkage. When its ready to bisque…. how to pick it up so that it doesn’t fall apart in your hands before your eyes. But its all fun. The shapes,

patterns – I really enjoy patterns on the clay. The wheel is surprising and I know it will be a long time to really feel comfortable and able to do it all on my own. Then comes the glaze. Adding colour. Mixing colour and experimenting. The lack of understanding why it doesn’t come out the same twice!!

It is a wonderful world of artists and pottery. The potters I have encountered are genuine about wanting to pass on the craft and its secrets to help you learn, explore and grow. My goal this first year is for it to be the year of no expectations. Not to get my hopes up and be disappointed when something breaks… or goes flying off the wheel! Accept all as the gift of being open to accept what pottery has to give me.

Below are a few pieces I have created